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There is a common misconception which most people have that when choosing to fence on a budget; you will have to buy cheaper or low standard building materials. This cannot be further from the truth, or at least it is not for one of the best fencing companies, fencing Perth. All tour timber products are the best quality that you can find in the market. This you will get at very affordable prices. All these products are hand-picked to ensure that only the best quality timber is used.

Our company has come up with an amazing customer service that will help you in all your home, pool or garden fencing needs. When you do business with us, you will have a wide range of choice to choose from in terms of design and quality.

We have very experienced consultants who will help you with the delivery and installation of the gates. We will actually send a representative with which you will discuss the whole process. They will explain to you anything that you find unclear until you are fully satisfied. We will even help with the designing which we will do at very affordable and competitive prices. We offer free consultations; you will not be charged anything for the consultation moreover, our quotes are duty free.

We are without a doubt sure that you will be impressed with our work. This is because you will get quality services at a very small fee. We will also guarantee that our quotes are the best that you will find in the whole market for those who use similar high standard materials like the ones we use at fencing Perth.

Some of the products that our company prides itself for include:

Modern and stylish slat fencing

This slat fences will serve you in almost all ways, not only will they provide the security and the privacy needed, they will also enhance the beauty and attractiveness of your yard or pool. Slat fences will enhance your style and also add value to your home. There is the aluminum grain timber which is long lasting and will ensure that there won’t be much need for regular maintenance.

Our company uses a unique knot wood slat system which is tailor-made to ensure optimum beauty in your home as it requires no welding. Fencing Perth also has a unique smart fixing system which ensures that all the screws and rivets are concealed. We have a wide range of slat fences to ensure that you are spoilt for choice. Our slat fences are a guaranteed solution for all your fencing needs. You are also guaranteed that our quotes will beat any other that you might think of.

Slat Fencing

Stylish and robust color and strength

When it comes to this fence, the strength is achieved through reinforcing the fence with steel sheets that are fitted into the fence tracks and posts. This creative design eliminates the need to have fence rails in the middle of the fence. This is identical on both sides. It is also very easy to put up.

There is a wide range of choice for you to choose from depending on the height, style and durability of the fences. Some of the most common ones include superdeck, Smartspan, CGI corrugated, CGI mini and wavelok.


Steel and aluminum fences

This is the ideal fence for your garden. You could either use the steel or the aluminum fence to extend your lifestyle beyond the comfort of your house. One of the best things about these fences is that they are very durable with minimal maintenance requirements. A single installation can serve you for very many years.

These fences are not only secure and durable; they are also very stylish and modern with many different designs available. They will not only complement your home’s style, they will also give it a chance to be seen at its best.

Steel & Aluminium Fencing

Modern and stylish smart wood fencing

This is another fence that is closely related to the aluminum one. With this fence, you are assured of beauty and security all in one installation. The fence will ensure that you get that privacy you so deserve. It is also suitable for your garden or the yard. Smartwood fencing will definitely add value to your home. You can only get such a quality fence at very affordable prices only at fencing Perth.

Smart Wood Slat Fencing

Impressive glass pool fencing

Glass pool fencing is quickly becoming a common practice in Perth for both local and commercial locations. This is one of the best ways to keep your pool beautiful, clean and safe. In the event there are small kids or animals around, it is important to have a barrier that keeps them away from the pools; a glass pool fence is one of the best fences for this.

One of the advantages about glass pool fencing is that it allows for visibility around the pool area. It is also a modern n stylish way to fence your pool while keeping an eye on those that are n the pool. With our company, you will get quality and durable glass fences; they have been reinforced to make them suitable for any fencing work. There are also different designs to choose from. Examples of these designs include the frame less, semi-framed and fully-framed fencing glass. If you are looking for the fence that ensures security around your pool, the glass pool fence is the ideal solution.

Pool Fencing

Classic Timber fencing

In case you are facing some financial difficulties but still want to carry out some fencing work. Timber fence is an ideal fence for you. This doesn’t mean that this fence is of a lower quality, at Fencing Perth, we do not subject our customers to substandard quality even if they are on a budget; we have quality products for each person irrespective of their budget.

All the timber used is hand-selected to ensure that it is only of the best quality. The timber that we use is called “clears”. This is obtained from the inner layers of the trunk which ensures that it is free from knots and warping.

These are some of the fences that you will get from fencing Perth at very affordable prices. Do visit us to learn more about our products. It one decision that you will not regret making if you chose to hire us.

Timber Fencing