Steel and aluminium fences are becoming a common preference to many people keeping in mind that they are durable and serve as a great addition to your outdoor décor. Steel and aluminium fences come in various designs such as rails, sheets and tubes. The choice of design will depend on many factors such as personal preference, budget and many others. Unlike other types of fencing, steel and aluminium are strong, durable and they are not prone to rusting like other types of metal.
Steel and aluminium fencing designs and options:

1. Colorbond boundary fencing.

This type of fencing uses pieces of steel sheets and this means that no rails are needed. After installing posts at intervals, the steel sheets are fixed between the posts. The pieces of steel sheets look exactly the same and this gives the fence a beautiful uniform look both from inside and outside.
Some benefits of colorbond boundary fencing include:
Easy to install – this is a very simple and easy to build structure. Once you fix the post it becomes very easy to install the pieces of steel sheets between them.
Variety – these pieces of sheets of steel comes in various designs and sizes. They come in different heights and can be accessorized with different fencing accessories. This gives a unique look for every fence depending on personal choice. Some designs include smartspan, superdeck, wavelock and many more.
Can be used for all landscapes – it is quite possible to use colorbond boundary fencing in flat lands as well as in sloppy areas. There are steel sheets designed at a specific angle to accommodate fencing in sloppy regions. This form of fencing can be alternated between flat areas as well as areas with slopes.
Provides a complete barrier – unlike other types of fencing, these steel sheets are perfect for those who don’t want their gardens exposed to outsiders. Pieces of sheets provide a complete barrier and this makes it impossible to have a look at the inside.
Streamlined to reduce wind pressure – to reduce the effect of excessive wind hitting the pieces of steel sheets, the end pieces can be cut in various shapes to reduce pressure of wind.

2. Tubular fencing.

This type of fencing utilizes tubular steel pieces in the form of rails for fences. This design was originally used for wrought iron but this has been slowly replaced by steel which is more durable. Unlike colorbond steel sheets, tubular rails are light weight but still provide the same strong and durable type of fencing.
Some benefits of tubular fencing include:
Versatile – tubular fencing provides a very versatile design that can be enhanced for different looks. For instances aluminium crosses, circles and scrolls can be used to give tubular fencing a unique look.
Rust free – tubular fencing may look like the normal wrought iron fencing but it is more advanced. Tubular fencing is made using stainless steel that is not susceptible to rusting and corrosion.
All weather fencing – tubular fencing provides an all-weather type of fencing. This fencing has been designed to with stand even extreme weather condition. Even after many years of harsh weather conditions tubular fencing remains in the same state.

3. Aluminium fencing.

Aluminium fencing provides a cheaper options away from the high cost of steel. Unlike steel, aluminium is less dense and robust. This provides a good fencing alternative because it does not corrode or rust and so it does not require any protective coating to last longer. To strengthen aluminium, it is combined with timber to form aluminium slat screens that are stronger and durable. Aluminium slat fencing provides a very versatile form of fencing because spacing is adjustable, louvered screens and different type of designs.

Some benefits of aluminium slat fencing include:

  • Easy to maintain – aluminium is very easy to maintain unlike other types of fencing. There is no need to keep repainting or any form of treatment to maintain appearance.
  • Durable – aluminium is durable because it stands harsh weather conditions and it is not affected by termites and ants. In addition to this it does not aluminum is not affected by extreme weather conditions and it does not crack or splinter.
  • Friendly on the environment – aluminium slat fencing provides a very environmental friendly form of fencing. A combination of timber and aluminium is environmentally friendly and does not affect the environment in any way.