There is a common misleading notion that choosing to fence on a budget means that you will need to go for cheaper products that are of a lower quality. This could not be further from the truth, or at least this is not the case with our fencing company. All our timber fencing products for the gates and fences are high in quality for the best fencing job. They are all hand-picked which means that only the best quality material is used.
In our construction work we use timber known as “clears” this means that it is free from all knots. It is also obtained from the central parts the tree where the material is denser and this reduces the chances that it will warp or twist with time. Our products are treated in preparation for harsh conditions, weathering and insects like termites.
There are those that claim timber products are not durable, this is just a plain lie. The problem that most people have is that they don’t know how to take care of timber products thus they do not last long. Another common problem is that the producers of the timber products do a shoddy job when they are treating the timber against insects and other conditions. This leads to the timber rotting with only a few days after the fence is installed. At our fencing business, we ensure that all the products undergo thorough treating process to ensure that they are well protected against those conditions. Apart from that, our able staff will walk you through the best care practices when you are using timber for your construction.
We understand the tough financial conditions that most families are. Such conditions should not hinder one from enjoying a great life. With alternatives such as timber, we make it possible for people to enjoy their enclosed homes like any other affluent families do. Our advantage is that we only do all this at very friendly and affordable prices that most people can afford.
We have put together a very creative team that has their way around timber products. We are able to offer fences that have amazing designs that make most people want to have their designs redone by our experts. Our team appreciates true beauty that comes from great hours of dedication and hard work to offer amazing designs that will be loved by all. It is hard to say no to us once you see the kind of work we are offering at our incredibly low prices. You can also add your creativity to the mix when putting up the fence; make it look as great as you would wish it to be.
Our many years of experience in the timber business has see us gain a lot of knowledge about the fencing needs in different styles. We have also been able to come up with several tips that are essential in ensuring that your timber fence lasts for a long time.

They following are some of the things that you may want to consider:

  • Give the fence one or more coats of oil or just paint the fence after it has been installed. This will help reduce the moisture absorption of the timber which will delay rooting.
  • Ensure that all the sprinklers are pointing away from the fence. This is in a bid to prevent water from coming into contact with the fence. If there is something close to the fence that needs watering, kindly do it manually with a watering can.
  • Ensure that all the fixings are secure. This will reduce the chances of the boards twisting due to lose fixing.
  • Apply and reapply a coat of oil or paint whenever it seems necessary. If you note the fading paint, it is a good time to reapply.

There are different fencing styles from which you can choose. A timber fence is all about beauty and therefore there is the need to be creative. The following are some of the fencing styles that one can choose:

  • Horizontal slat fencing
  • Timber slat in-falls
  • Vertical slat fencing
  • Decorative fencing and gates
  • Traditional picket fencing

So the next time you are thinking of carrying out your fencing with timber, think FPWA and that will be the best fencing decision you ever made.